Regulation FIKE 2003
FIKE 2003 - Évora International Short Film Festival will take place from November 21st to 29th 2003.

Are eligible for competition purposes short films under the following categories: animation, documentary and fiction.

The works should be presented under one of the following formats: 16mm, 35mm and video (Betacam_Sp).

Running time: up to 35mn.

The works should be subtitle in one of the following languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French

All works must have been produced from 2002 forwards. Works previous to this date will not be eligible for competition as well as works selected for previous editions.

Selection procedure

There is no limit for the number of works submitted by each director / producer to the festival, as long they fall under the festival regulation norms.

All the materials sent for pre-selection should be sent to:
Páteo do Salema, n.º 7 - A
7000 - 818 ÉVORA

An application form will be required for each film work submitted to the festival pre-selection.

The application(s) form(s) must be fill on-line. A copy of the same must be mailed to the festival.

The Registration form should include:
· A signed registration form. Note that all sections must be fill typed.
· The film credits.
· At least two still photographs.
· Brief biography of the director.
· Printed dialogues list in the original language. If different, in one of the previous selected languages listed above.

A VHS copy must be presented for pre-selection purposes, preferably subtitled in one of the above selected languages.


Registration of pre-selection copies:
September 30

Notification of pre-selection decision:

Exhibition copies acceptance:
November 17th

Return / redirection of exhibition copies:
up to 15 days after the Festival.

International competition
Best Fiction
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best European short film
Super Short (up to 5' running time)
Audience Award

Best Portuguese Short Film
Camões Institute Award for Best Film in Portuguese Language

The Jury of the Festival reserves the right not to award any prizes or Honorary Diplomas if the quality of the works does not meet the expected standards.

Honorary Diplomas: to be awarded by the Jury's criterion.

The sponsors of this Festival may also include prize money and/or film equipment to all the above awarded.

JURY: A panel of international individualities will represent the Jury of the Festival recognised by their contribution to the film industry.

NOTES: All packages (pre-selection and exhibition copies) will be sent on candidate's expenses to the Festival and must exhibit the following note: ' No commercial value, for cultural purposes only.' The packages must include a pro-forma invoice as well the registration(s) form(s). For customs purposes the declared value must not exceed $5 USD.

If the director is to be present at the festival, the same may be the carrier of the selected film work(s). In this case the director must ensure the festival that the copy(s) will be available to the festival up to 24 hours before exhibition.

All the selected works will be covered by an international insurance from the arrival to its return to the sender.

All the pre-selection tapes will not be returned to the sender. The FIKE reserves the right to use the tapes in its activities during and after the festival, in brochures, advertising, the web and any other promotional or educational purposes.

If requested by the director / producer the above right will not be applied. For that statement must be presented at the time of the enrolment.

For any other use of the referred copies, an official request will be made to the copyrights owner(s).

Extracts from the presented film works may be used for festival advertisement purposes.

The festival organization reserves the right to:
· Produce any necessary changes to the regulation terms.
· Decide to accept an application under exceptional conditions surrounding the same.
· To decide on the not foreseen cases in the present Regulation, as well as to make the necessary alterations, giving knowledge to all the interested parts.
· To decide conditions that allow the selection of a film that integrally does not respect the clauses of the Regulation.

Any exceptional conditions surrounding application must be submitted to the Festival Direction by writing for evaluation.

The registration for Pre-selection and participation in the Festival implies the acceptance of the Regulation.