FIKE 2013 - 11th International Short Film Festival

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Awards FIKE 2013

FIKE 2013: the prizes

Iranian fiction More Than Two Hours was the great winner.

More Than Two Hours, by Iranian director Ali Asgari, was the great winner in the International Short Film Festival FIKE 2013, gatherin both the Best Fiction award and the Best Acting award, confered ex-aequo to Tahar Mohammadi and Shahrzadi Ghasemi.

The FIKE award for Best Ficton went to the film More Than Two Hours, by Iranian director Ali Asgari. The FIKE Official Jury considered that the film “deals with a very important issue in a brilliant manner” and described it as “direct fiction with a significant actuality, without artifices, well shot and with a clear view over the reality”.

Still in the Fiction category, the Official Jury decided to confer a Special Mention to the Australian film First Contact, by Matt Richards, thus distinguishing “a brilliant direction and cinematography serving a well told story”.

The FIKE award for Best Animation went to Luminaris, by Argentinean director Juan Pablo Zaramella, justified by “a resourceful use of technics and story telling in a well done short film”.

In the Animation category, a Specil Mention was given to the French film The Book of the Dead, by Alain Escalle, “a strong call of attention for a historical period, rescuing memory of recent times with fantastic use of visual effects and design”.

The FIKE / Estação Imagem for Best Documentary went to the Mozambican film Xilunguine – Terra Prometida, by Inadelso Cossa. For the jury, “the narrative mechanism, served by historical documental footage, interviews with the Tsonga protagonists and their contained framing in the present context, seems to convey a clear articulation between history making and film making”.

The Best Portuguese Film award went to The Smell of Candles, by Adriana Martins da Silva, and the Best European Film award was bestowed to the Swiss fiction Objection VI, by Rolando Colla.

The winner of Best Script award was Duarte Dias, for his contrbution in the Brasilian film Mismatch Marked.

The Best Photography award distinguished the work of Matt Wood, photography director of the Australian fiction First Contact.

The Best Acting award was confered ex-aequo to Tahar Mohammadi and Shahrzadi Ghasemi, for the leading parts in the Iranian movie More Than Two Hours.

The D. Quixote Award, bestowed by the Jury of the International Federation of Film Societies (FICC), went to the Swiss fiction Room 606, by Peter Volkart. The FICC Jury considered the film “higly inventive, with visuals constantly intriguing and surprising”, and emphasized it “rewards repeated viewing, as there is always something new to be seen”.

The FICC Jury decided to confer a Special Mention to the animation Who Lasts Longer, by Spanish director Gregorio Muro, because the film, “beautifully painted”, is a “clear labour of love”, in which “the story, the characters and the reality of the human psyche are all top quality”.

The FIKE Official Jury was directed by actress Isabel Ruth, with cultural producer Isabel Sequeira and curator Premendra Mazumder.

The Estação Imagem / Mora Jury was formed by Carmen Almeida, José Alberto Ferreira and Luís Vasconcelos.

The FICC Jury members were Margarida Mateus (Portugal), David Miller (United Kigdom) e Ferenc Varsányi (Hungary).

The FIKE 2014 - 12º International Short Film Festival will open the submissions during the month of March 2014.

The Festival Organization

FIKE 2013

October 22nd to 26th, 2013

FIKE 2013 - 11th International Short Film Festival
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