FIKE 2015 - 13th International Short Film Festival

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FIKE 2015 - 13th International Short Film Festival will take place from June 9th to 13th, 2015.

Please pay attention to Festival Regulation.

The registration for the pre-selection implies the acceptance of this Regulation

1. Pre-selection conditions

  1. Short films under the following categories are eligible: Animation, Documentary and Fiction, with total running time up to 40 minutes (including credits), produced after January 1st, 2013. The films submitted for the competition cannot be available on the Web, and preferably unreleased in Portugal.
  2. All works must be subtitled in English.
  3. There is no limit to the number of works that each director/producer can send to the Festival, and the participation is free.
  4. All materials sent for pre-selection are to be  sent free of any charge to the Festival (mail and customs) and sent According to these regulations. All materials sent with charges to the Festival will be rejected.
  5. When possible, use your country diplomatic channels to send the materials for the Festival, however you must visibly place the following: “MATERIAIS PARA VISIONAMENTO NO FESTIVAL - SEM VALOR COMERCIAL, PARA FINS CULTURAIS / CONTAINS SAMPLE MATERIALS FOR FESTIVAL PREVIEW - NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES”.
  6. Always include a pro-forma invoice or the value declaration for customs purposes when sending materials like preview samples.
  7. The sender will pay for the exhibition copy's transport to the Festival, and the Festival will be responsible for its return.
  8. The Festival will not accept any materials by e-mail unless it is expressly asked.
  9. One online registration form has to be completed for each film presented to Festival.
  10. After submitting the registration, the system will ask you to print the registration, to be signed and sent to the Festival Organization along with:
    • Film technical data
    • Two stills (high definition pictures in a CD, properly identified)
    • Brief Director's bio-filmography, including contacts and birth date
    • List of Festivals in which the film participated
    • Dialogues list in the original language and in English. (simple text file, .txt)
    • DVD with subtitles in English
    • Declaration from the rights owner (producer or director) authorizing the use of the film in the Festival and Festival promotion
    • Press Kit

2. Participation Conditions

  1. The films in competition will be presented in Évora, Beja, and on the festival extensions from June 9th to 13th, 2015.
  2. All Directors and film teams are invited to take part at the Festival, with special conditions.
  3. Participation in the Festival Workshops, paid or free, is dependent upon approval by the Festival, all works produced in the Workshop are property of both the Festival and their authors. The use of these productions must be authorized by the Festival.

3. Deadlines

  • Registration deadline: March 9th, 2015
  • Notification of selection decision: May 10st, 2015

4. Jury and Awards

Festival Jury
  • The Festival Jury will be selected among Film Professionals and Specialists that will award the films in the different categories. The members of the Jury will be announced in the Festival Website in due time. It is reserved to the Festival Jury, the right not to award on any competition, as well as decide on delivering Special Mentions. Special Mentions' decisions must be unanimous.
Trophy and Diploma:
  • Best Fiction
  • Best Documentary - FIKE/Estação Imagem Award
  • Best Animation
Diplomas FIKE
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Acting
  • Best European Short Film
  • Audience Award
National Competition
  • Best Portuguese Short Film - Commander Rui Nabeiro Award
Don Quijote Award
  • The Jury from the I.F.S.S. - International Federation of Film Societies will choose the Best Short-Film, to be awarded with the Don Quijote Award and promoted among Film Societies in the world.

5. Important Arrangements

  1. All materials sent to the pre-selection will integrate the FIKE archives, being its promoters authorized to its use for cultural or educative purposes. They will only be returned to the sender if clearly requested, by written statement upon registration, being all return costs on addressee's account, which must supply packaging and mailing stamps for devolution.
  2. The rights owner authorizes the Festival organization to use the film in their activities.
  3. Film excerpts may be used for Festival promotional purposes as well as its use on the Internet, publicity or other media.

6. Special Situations

The Festival Organization reserves the right to decide on any unforeseen cases as well as to decide, in exceptional circumstances, to select any film which does not fully comply with the present Regulations.

FIKE 2015

June 9th to 13th, 2015

FIKE 2015 - 13th International Short Film Festival
Páteo do Salema, n.º 7 - A
7000 - 818 Évora
Tel./Fax: +351 266 703137

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