FIKE 2015 - 13th International Short Film Festival

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LA NUIT DE LA LUNE AVEUGLE (The Night Of The Blind Moon)

Director: Khedija LEMKECHER
Running time: 19′12″
Category: Fiction
Country: Tunisia

Three teenage girls Aisha, Tibr and Bouka imagine during a full moon night in the land of Jerid: Dreaming each to her charming prince. Despite their young age they fear the fate of the "Boura" which condemn them to remain old maids. So they decide to participate in a mythical ceremony probably a Pharaonic origin in one of the cemeteries of the city. Aisha back from her adventure will not escape the surveillance of her aunts and the terrible fate that awaits.
FIKE 2015

June 9th to 13th, 2015

FIKE 2015 - 13th International Short Film Festival
Páteo do Salema, n.º 7 - A
7000 - 818 Évora
Tel./Fax: +351 266 703137

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